GSLA Resumes Activities with restriction-Restriction for use by Associations

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  1. In accordance with the advice issued by Public Health Gibraltar, the GSLA has introduced temporary Covid-19 control measures for BSC facilities (BSC and 25m Pool) as we transition of out the lockdown. This paper highlights these mitigating measures which are to be strictly adhered to by everybody using GSLA facilities.


  1. Control measures have been introduced in the following areas:
  2. Sanitation and Hygiene.
  3. Access changing rooms and toilets.
  4. Access to facilities and Control of Movement.
  5. Policing social distancing.
  6. Sanitation of hands and Equipment. The GSLA has now procured hand gels and dispensers and will make this available to all users at entrance points, the details of which are covered below. A member of staff will be present at these points who will ask you to sanitise hands before entry. Sanitising on exit is advisable.

GSLA sporting equipment will be sanitised at the start and end of the day and in between sessions. As regards the latter, users are to bear this in mind when planning sessions.

Sanitising personal equipment is an individuals responsibility and a requisite before the start of activity, for which he/she must use his/her own products.

  1. Access to Changing Rooms and Toilets. Changing rooms are areas where contamination can reach high levels therefore the use of these is significantly restricted. Users should be advised that changing rooms cannot be used unless absolutely necessary and that showering will not be allowed. If they have to be used the following is to be noted:
  2. Persons using the track are to use changing rooms 7 (female) & 8 (male) of the hockey stands and the Cepsa toilets
  3. Persons using the TSH/VSH are to use changing rooms 1 (male) and 7 (female) and the toilets at the south end of the TSH stands.
  4. Pool users may only use the toilets and changing rooms of the 25m pool.
  5. Access to General Facilities. In order to limit the potential spread of the virus, access to the facilities will be limited to key areas only as follows:
  6. Access to the track strictly via East Side Parking (Cepsa).
  7. Access to TSH and VSH (if used) via main entrance BSC only.
  8. Access to VSH from TSH via ground floor corridor only.
  9. Movement outside of the main buildings whilst activities are taking place is prohibited.
  10. There are no changes to the current arrangements in the pool.
  11. Policing Social Distancing (SD). GSLA staff have been instructed to carry out regular supervision of activities to ensure the SD policy is being observed at all times.

GSLA staff will be given copies of the instructions which each association has produced and will also ensure that these are being abided by.


  1. A user guide with bullet points on the above control measures is attached at Annex A.


  1. These are testing times in which your full cooperation is vital in order to safeguard the staff and users. There will of course be teething problems but these will be assessed and if a change in TAC is needed for the better, they shall be considered.

As you are all aware, the situation Vis a Vis Covid-19 is in a constant state of flux and we need to remain as flexible as possible. The GSLA asks that you bear with it and accept that there will be times where you will need to adapt to changes in schedules as we slowly re-introduce the other sports as and when they are cleared to do so.



Annex A. BSC Covid-19 Control Measures User Guide.

Covid -19 GSLA Guidelines (updated)